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Special Kauri wood tables with beautyful wood grain, large Kauri tables one piece growth, tree trunk conference table

unvergleichliche Holztische Esstische, urwüchsiger Kauri Wurzeltisch

wertanlage kauri Holztische, Möbel als Geldanlage aus alten Kauri Hölzern wertbeständige Holztische aus urwüchsigem Kauri Holz, exklusive Design Tische aus besonderen Kauri Hölzern large tree trunk tables, massif dinning tables and ancient Kauri wood tables


Kauri wood table

Root wood table

Designer table

Tree tunk table

Conference table


Unique tables from Ancient Kauri wood for people who love beautiful and special furniture

For people who love rare and beautiful objects, I craft unusual and unique wood tables and dinning tables out of rare and ancient 50,000 year old Ancient Kauri wood.  Each table is a work of art. I personally manufacture each of these tables from handpicked timbers with novel techniques.


With its unimaginable history and rare iridescent beauty, a table manufactured from a single piece of this Ancient Kauri timber stands for absolute exclusivity. It guarantees you an unusual and unique piece of furniture. When planning and crafting a table for you, I take your individual wishes into account. I design and manufacture the tables in my completely equipped workshop in Germany.


Unique massif Kauri Wood tables with a particularly wood grain single piece, nature wooden tables and unusual dinning tables


One cannot regard a table from Kauri wood as a normal piece of furniture, it is a rare, graceful and unique item of natural beauty. Each one is:

  •        An unusual and unique item, hand crafted from up to 50.000 year old Ancient Kauri wood      

  •        A true work of art of nature, with a distinctive iridescence

  •        Individually handcrafted by a master cabinetmaker

  •        A high value and exclusive investment

  •        Accompanied with a certificate verifying the age of the wood used for your Kauri



Design massif wood table as a work of art of nature, large Kauri wood tables from the trunk



If you need a particularly demonstrative showpiece, e.g. an impressive conference table or a particularly designer table, I can craft tables of 4 - 6 m length and up to 12 m length.


Long Kauri tables especially are particularly suited for large rooms because of their unusual natural characteristics. Every table is a high end product.


Only preserved Ancient Kauri trunks are used. The timber used for furniture making does not come from existing living trees. This high-quality raw material is a finite resource that will come to an end. Therefore, each piece of Kauri furniture will increase in value, giving you a viable alternative investment as well as an object of rare natural beauty in its own right.




A wood with history - from pre-historic times


The Kauri (Agathis austalis) is an ancient tree, native to New Zealand. It has its origins in the Jurassic period, 135 to 19 million years ago.


Mature trees can live up to 2,000 years, reaching heights of 50m with diameters of 4 to 5m. During the Mesolithic and Neolithic (3,000 to 100,000 years ago or more), enormous Kauri trees have been repeatedly felled by natural catastrophes and been buried in peat bogs during the different epochs, sometimes in several layers.


In this oxygen poor environment, Nature perfectly preserved the enormous fallen tree trunks and their roots.


Large Kauri root for beauty massiv wood tables from fascinating root timber, swamp Kauri New Zealand

Enormous root of a Kauri of tree from New Zealand, 3.50 m long x 2.00 m high x 1.80 m broad


Because of their rarity and finite nature, these Ancient Kauri logs and roots are extracted under strict regulatory control within New Zealand. The rare and precious wood is highly prized by master cabinetmakers.

Giant Kauri still grow in groves in New Zealand. Today all living Kauri trees stand under conservation.

Enormous Kauri root timber for crafting unique ancient wood tables, nature tree trunk tables and conference tables


Root timber offers the most valuable wood of the tree. It has a unique and varied grain and a fascinating natural character.


Desk tops from the root are rare and very precious and have a beautiful natural growth. Plates cut from the trunk emit a calm radiance.


Each Kauri desk top is made from a single piece. No joint disturbs the beautiful grain along the complete length and width. Nature is visibly expressed through the massive character and sheen.


luxurious Kauri wood tables and furnitures with a high value from root timber for an investment,




Special manufacturing processes


Before treatment, I dry each desk top in my own drying chamber down to a moisture content of 8%. This gives you the greatest reassurance and the probability that the desk top itself will not warp or that a crack will develop later.


I treat the desk top using a special procedure to protect your table’s valuable wood. This makes it resistant to alcohol and liquids, without losing its nature and the silky-soft feel of the massif wood table. According to your wishes, I can fill in natural features such as tears and ingrowths with a transparent filler so that they remain and create a fascinating 3D-insight into the wood.



Schreinermeister Michael Beaupoil exklusive Kauri Holztische handgefertigt, außergewöhnliche Massivholztische und einzigartige Esstische



You are welcome to visit me in my workshop, where I can show you unworked Ancient Kauri desk tops as well as how I work.

Further examples of tables can be found on my German-language pages.



Convince yourself of Nature’s rarity and beauty in these works of art, embodied in the unique hand-crafted tables from a master cabinetmaker.


Whether you are interested in an existing table or wish to commission your own:


Call me on +49-2827-611  or E-Mail



Michael Beaupoil, Master Cabinetmaker





Unique designer tables and luxurious Kauri wood tables with high value, modern dinning tables as a work of art of nature


Fascinating Kauri wood for exclusive dinning and designer tables